Gemalto Partner Program: New channel-centric strategy addresses market demand

Last updated: 11 July 2017

The security marketplace Gemalto Partner Logois constantly evolving. At Gemalto, we pride ourselves in developing the most technologically advanced security solutions and services available on the market as we help our customers secure the breach and protect their data.  Today’s customers not only demand leading edge technical solutions, they also require flexibility in how these solutions are purchased and delivered to meet their business needs. This requires technology innovations as well as business innovations.

We recognize the best way to serve this new market business demand is to equip our partners with the best of breed Gemalto security solutions and empower them to deliver these solutions and services in any way that aligns with their customer demand. So, today, I am excited to announce a channel-centric growth strategy that is supported by a new generation of the Gemalto Cipher Partner Program, including an expanded ecosystem of partners, flexible buying models, and increased partner value.

Our enhanced Gemalto Cipher Partner Program provides opportunities for partners to align with changing customer purchasing trends and provides greater rewards for partner-led engagements. It is designed to support different buying models like cloud, services and embedded solutions and focuses on empowering and rewarding partners to succeed in both sales and technical aspects. The program also has an emphasis on business development initiatives that enable partner led sales and services.

Innovation, Investment and Commitment
Our growth strategy is Gemalto Partner Channel Growthchannel-centric with a strong focus and commitment on empowering our partners to be successful and profitable in selling and delivering Gemalto solutions. Our goal is to be easier to work with while investing in channel resources to support our partners with the skills and tools required in order to be successful.  We take this channel-centric strategy seriously and in the spirit of continuous improvement, the team has been working hard to completely revamp our partner portal for improved access, ease of navigation by role type, and solution or product. We have also launched easy to follow, on-demand, self-paced sales and technical presales enablement learning paths for partner field sales and selling engineers. The training enables partners to understand the market place, have a selling conversation with customers and act as the trusted advisor to positioning and selling Gemalto security solutions.

Gemalto is well known for offering best of breed security solutions for encryption, key management, and authentication and access management. Now, with the program innovations, we are making it easier for all customers to access our best of breed technology through our partners while providing flexible licensing models for security as a service offerings and supporting different partner types such as Value Added Resellers, Technology Partnerships, Embedded Solution/OEM and Managed Service Provider Partners. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and now our partners have the flexibility to transact with customers in the way that bests aligns with their customer needs and their core business.

Rewarding for Value
We are 100% committed to our partners’ success and it is through a strong and mutually beneficial partnership that we succeed together. The Gemalto channel-centric strategy includes simplifying and enriching incentive programs to reward partners for channel generated deals. In response to partner feedback, the enhanced Gemalto Cipher Partner Program provides stronger emphasis on deal protection to reward partners for driving net new opportunities. Additionally, we have refocused our field sales teams to align with partners, providing partners with support and rewarding our team on channel driven opportunities.

The new Gemalto Cipher Partner Program and Ecosystem, is officially announced today, and will be fully launched in February 2018. This provides partners a 6-month runway to fully earn their new sales enablement and training certifications for a successful transition to the new program.

I’m excited about the changes and the opportunities we have ahead and look forward to working with all of our partners in our new expanded Gemalto Cipher Partner Ecosystem.

The future is bright for Gemalto and our partners; especially as we work together and win together!

Check out CRN’s article about Gemalto’s new partner program and revamped channel strategy.

Partners can find more information on the new Gemalto Cipher Partner Ecosystem in the Gemalto Partner Portal. A Gemalto Partner login is required to access this information, if needed, please request access .


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