Gemalto Partners Accelerating Secure Digital Transformation

Last updated: 06 March 2018

Gemalto Partners Recognized for their Role in Accelerating a Secure Digital Transformation

A week ago, during our Gemalto Accelerate 2018 Americas partner and sales kickoff event in Fort Lauderdale, the conversation on transforming security in the digital era continued. Digital transformation is changing all aspects of our society from the professional world to our personal lives. While trying not to use every buzz word available, transformative technology like the Internet of Things, blockchain, machine learning, quantum and artificial intelligence where all discussed during the partner event.

Digital transformation is opening the door to completely new business models. According to Capgemini, 87% of companies believe that the digital transformation is also a competitive opportunity. As my EMEA colleague, Rob Ellis, pointed out in his recent post, “Gemalto Partners Drive Accelerated Growth and Transformation Initiatives in EMEA“, six years ago three of the five most valuable companies in the world were oil companies and today all of the five most valuable companies are digital-first. There are a number of reasons why companies are transforming themselves: user experience, convenience, technology, efficiency, cost reductions and access to more actionable data.

Without sounding too ominous, the digital era also brings with it new and unknown threats as well as data privacy challenges. According to the Breach Level Index, data breaches have been on the rise with over nine billion data records compromised or stolen since 2013. It isn’t only about reputation but implications on revenue. IT consultant CGI and Oxford Economics found that two-thirds of firms breached had their share price negatively impacted and estimated a breach cost shareholder $52.40 billion (based on companies surveyed).

With an increasing number of breaches, companies and governments are looking at how to reduce the risks associated with a breach. In the U.S, we have had state data breach disclosure laws, but the European Union is taking a monumental step with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The upcoming regulation is aimed at giving citizens control over their data and how it is used. But how and with what technology can companies comply with data privacy laws?

The role of data encryption and access management is front and center in the technology discussion. Gemalto, with its extensive network of channel partners and portfolio of encryption, key management, and access management solutions, is uniquely positioned to help organizations meet data privacy mandates and help them accelerate their overall digital transformation initiatives.

What does this mean for Gemalto partners? Accelerated growth. This is evident in our channel partner award program. I would like to recognize three partners who achieved award-winning numbers (drum roll):

Firstly, the “Americas Partner of the Year Award” went to our partner, Optiv, based on their 20% growth in 2017. Contributing to Optiv’s success was their investment in training. Twenty-five of their solution architects completed the Gemalto technical sales training online. Optiv is a unique partner, who not only integrates our solutions into their portfolio but is also using them internally and evaluating Gemalto products in their own labs.

Gemalto Partners

The “Distributor of the Year Award,” in North America, went to Arrow based on being our number one revenue generating distributor in 2017. Arrow took accelerated growth to a new level. In the U.S, Arrow increased by over 50% their Gemalto portfolio sales, while Arrow Canada hit 70% year upon year growth. Arrow’s success this past year was largely due to a push to leverage their extensive partner community with targeted marketing initiatives. The award and results reflect Arrow’s commitment to evangelizing Gemalto’s technology and understanding how data protection and access management can solve their customer’s cybersecurity challenges.

Gemalto Partners

Our final award, “Emerging Partner of the Year Award,” went to Compunet based on their commitment and investment in having Gemalto as a strategic security partner, even using Gemalto’s products within their own organization too. Compunet, an engineering-focused firm, dedicated 11 days for 10 sales engineers to become certified on all of Gemalto’s solutions. If that wasn’t enough, Compunet took it a step further by running their own internal training to their extended security architect team. Compunet is significantly accelerating their business with Gemalto based on their understanding of our products and their nimble approach to achieving quick turnaround times with their deals.

Gemalto Partners

Accelerating growth in the era of digital transformation is different from the selling model of the past. As we evaluated this year’s winners, there were two common success factors that stood out: developing partnership and training. Firstly, it involves a deeper strategic partnership with Gemalto, so customers have a solution rather than a product. Secondly, it is immersing yourself in the technology through our online Cipher Partner Program training. Each of our award winners was recognized for their dedication to learning about Gemalto’s products, but more importantly, the return on investment is evident. I would like also to honor all of our extended Gemalto family of wonderful partners and distributors and thank you for your ongoing commitment to Gemalto.

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