OCSI Certifies SafeNet Luna PCIe Cryptographic Module for Use as QSigCD and QSealCD

Last updated: 02 August 2018

The Italian Organismo di Certificazione della Sicurezza Informatica (OCSI) certified the SafeNet Luna PCIe Cryptographic Module 6.10.9 when embedded within a SafeNet Luna Network HSM 6 “SafeNet Luna HSM 6” for use as a Qualified Electronic Signature Creation Device (QSigCD) and a Qualified Electronic Seal Creation Device (QSealCD). OCSI has published the Attestation of Conformity on its site and also on the list of QSCD approved devices published by the EU Commission.

OCSI’s certification means that organizations can use Gemalto’s solution embedded in a SafeNet Luna Network HSM as a QSigCD and a QSealCD in compliance with the European Union’s (EU) Regulation No 910/2014 (eIDAS). This legislation, which was passed in July 2014, lays out requirements for ensuring the integrity of electronic signatures within the EU. Among them is provision 51, which affirms the following:

It should be possible for the signatory to entrust qualified electronic signature creation devices to the care of a third party, provided that appropriate mechanisms and procedures are implemented to ensure that the signatory has sole control over the use of his electronic signature creation data, and the qualified electronic signature requirements are met by the use of the device.

This isn’t the first time OCSI has certified one of Gemalto’s SafeNet HSM products, but it is the first time for its SafeNet Luna HSM 6 platform.

Organizations can embed this asset within the SafeNet Luna Network HSM 6. From there, they can use SafeNet Luna HSM 6 to ensure the integrity and security of their cryptographic keys across their entire lifecycle. As such, customers need not worry about non-compliance. They can now use SafeNet Luna HSM 6 for eIDAS digital certificates, time stamping and digital signature use cases in compliance with eIDAS requirements. eIDAS is crucial for banking, finance and any other type of situation where the confidentiality/integrity/non-repudiation of a transaction is critical.

Allan MacPhee, Product Manager said: “This certification is beneficial to both customers and Gemalto partners offering Digital Signature solutions as it provides them with the confidence to select SafeNet Luna Network HSMs for projects that require HSMs certified to be used as Qualified Signature / Seal Creation Devices. OCSI’s attestation of conformity will enable existing customers to upgrade their existing Digital Signature implementations to Gemalto’s latest certified product and allow for the expansion of new Digital Signature projects to proceed.

More information on the latest OCSI certification can be found on our Data Protection Updates blog.

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