Kapalya Partners with Gemalto to Leverage Their Latest Key Management Solution

Last updated: 12 November 2018

Kapalya recently selected SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v — Gemalto’s next-generation key management solution — to provide centralized key management and improved administration, while helping customers to meet compliance.

Today, most organizations run hybrid IT environments with applications running both on-premises and in the cloud. Additionally, employees are using devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets for business needs outside of the organizations’ walls and these devices have become their primary interface to their company’s data.

So how do organizations find a cost-effective solution that not only helps protect their sensitive data wherever it resides and is being used, but also manages their data protection policies to comply with government mandates like GDPR or industry regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS?

Key Management

With the help of Gemalto, companies like Kapalya are taking this challenge head on. They launched their Encryption Management Platform (EMP), a full service encryption solution that protects an organization’s data by seamlessly encrypting files on all end-points (laptops/computers/mobile devices), corporate servers and public cloud storage. Kapalya utilizes NSA Suite B cryptography standards for their platform, coupled with SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v which helps ensure their customers are following encryption best practices. SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v provides the strong enterprise key management component of the platform, which also enables Kapalya customers to bolster their security and ease the effort of ongoing administration.

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v is Gemalto’s next-generation key management solution which allows organizations to extend their data protection policies to private and public clouds and centralize encryption and key management operations across multiple cloud environments. With a broad ecosystem of partner integrations, and built-in capabilities for auditing and granular access controls, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v simplifies governance, compliance, and security across any environment – physical, virtual, or hybrid.

Interested in learning more about this joint solution? Read the full case study here.

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