Gemalto’s Cipher Partner Program Certifications Get a Refresh

Last updated: 08 January 2019

As the security market continues to grow rapidly, the opportunity for Gemalto partners to expand their sales efforts continues to ripen. We’ve heard time and again in our annual Voice of the Partner Survey that one of the Cipher Partner Program benefits channel partners value the most is sales training and enablement. There is no doubt that proper training helps partners market and sell products and services more effectively.

It is for this reason that we invested greatly in refreshing our sales certifications this past year. The Gemalto Cipher Partner Program has two sales certifications, the Gemalto Sales Professional (GSP), designed for sales professionals, and the Gemalto Technical Sales Professional (GTSP), which is targeted to partners’ pre-sales engineers. Both certifications have been redesigned to better align with the needs of our partners.

Our reinvigorated Gemalto certifications help us meet our goal of empowering our channel partners to increase their sales. The certifications provide essential information about Gemalto products and offer a wealth of rich resources all in a simple, straightforward design that is easy to digest. Courses are available to be taken online on your device of choice at your convenience. They can also serve as quick references to prepare for critical meetings and pitches. Something that was important to us in the design was to give all levels of partners the same access to training. It doesn’t matter if you are a Silver or a Platinum partner, everyone has the same training tools and certifications available to support their sales efforts; it’s important to enable our partners at every level. Below is a break down the two certifications.

WHO Designed for partners’ sales professionals Designed for partners’ pre-sales engineers
WHAT Consists of 10 modules Consists of 7 modules
WHEN Takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete Takes approximately 6-8 hours to complete
WHERE Available on demand and formatted for multiple devices Available on demand and formatted for multiple devices
WHY Drive revenue growth and articulate the value proposition of Gemalto solutions Take a deeper dive into Gemalto products and facilitate discussions with a customer’s technical team

While we think the refreshed courses elevate the learning experience, what is more important is how our partners feel about the training. So far, we’ve received some great feedback:

“Overall it was a great experience, it got me pumped to want to sell Gemalto more. I had no idea some of the key points on data breaches that were covered”

“One of the better partner training courses I have taken.”

“It’s great exposure to all the Gemalto offerings. I really liked the cheat sheets, battle cards, and vendor comparisons.”

If you are a Gemalto Cipher Program Partner, head over to the Cipher Partner Portal to register. Not a current Gemalto Cipher Partner? Head over to our website to learn more about the benefits of our award-winning program.

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