Transforming into Code Signing

Last updated: 06 August 2019

How two enterprise transformations are increasing the importance of code signing security

Every enterprise understands the need for security, but recent transformations in the business ecosystem are increasing the urgency to implement strong and transparent security processes. At the same time, these transformations are shifting how this security must be delivered.

Digital transformation and the rise of the cloud have changed the economics of business delivery. Recognizing that data center infrastructure and hardware do not deliver to the bottom line, more companies are shifting to a cloud-based business delivery model. Applications delivered in the cloud, and databases stored in the cloud, have created a whole new paradigm of how business is conducted. Data that is accessed and used anywhere offers a global market to companies who previously couldn’t dream of that broad of a potential audience.

This fluid and indistinct enterprise perimeter also add a level of complexity to security. For organizations today, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure each user is who they say they are and gains access to only what they are permitted to see. On the other end, you must ensure the software you deliver has not been tampered with, and that their data remains safe at rest and in transit. This is where code signing can add security and peace of mind to both the Enterprise and their customers.

Another transformation driving the need for secure code signing is Dev Ops. With on-site development environments using on-premises security, certificates are often kept on a physical device stored locally. While this still carries many inherent risks, as companies implement DevOps strategies and leverage globally distributed development teams, this implementation becomes impossible. Program development processes like Agile, applied to a global development community, requires a company to implement security solutions that are both cloud-based and transparent. This will enable manufacturers to certify that their software comes from a legitimate source and that it hasn’t tampered with since it was published.

This ever-changing security landscape can quickly move outside the expertise of a corporation. Partnering with companies that focus on delivering a cohesive security solution that was designed with the cloud at its core is critical to success. Keyfactor Code Assure, which includes Thales’ cloud-based SafeNet Data Protection on Demand HSM service, or with out-of-box support for on-premises SafeNet Luna HSMs, ensures that as a company transforms, its code signing solution is ready to secure its products, customers, and reputation.

Want to learn more? Listen to this Keyfactor Podcast “Dev, Security or Ops: How Code Signing Affects You”, where you will learn how to be flexible, remove bottlenecks, distribute responsibility and stay secure.

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