Why Vendors are Moving to an Automated Software Update Service

Last updated: 26 February 2018

Software is ubiquitous

We’re all consumers of software services. “New version available” or “Security update” are common messages received regularly on connected devices, requiring users to simply click a button to update applications and software. By eliminating users’ involvement to the absolute minimum, they are encouraged to update and benefit from effortless, hassle-free bug fixes, upgrades and new versions.

For ISVs (independent software vendors) and IDVs (intelligent device vendors), an automated software update service is the most reliable and cost-effective way to stay connected with their customers, while ensuring they are using the most updated version of software or firmware. This reduces the incidence of legacy support issues, security holes and other related problems that may result from not updating their software.

Reduce cost, increase revenue

Reducing cost is about achieving operational efficiency. Gone are the days of sending physical delivery kits and the need for technicians. Moreover, ISVs and IDVs no longer have to email or upload updates to an FTP server and hope their customers actually take action. Automated distribution of software and firmware over-the-air minimizes manual, costly and time-consuming processes and removes human error.

Repeat purchases and increased revenue are clearly affected by customer experience (Harvard Business Review). By delivering new releases, updates and targeted notifications directly to end users’ devices, customers stay connected with the vendor and remain confident that they are always benefitting from the latest and greatest features, alongside using the most updated software version. Customers no longer have to waste time over support calls and they are significantly more willing to renew their subscription and purchase other products from their vendors.

The essentials

A reliable automated software and firmware update service should include:

  • Out-of-the-box client for achieving faster time-to-market by allowing vendors to send updates and in-app messages quickly without the need for development work, as well as an API Builder that generates code on the fly for significantly reducing development cycles.
  • Entitlement-based updates for validating that a customer is indeed entitled to an update, and ensuring that only paying customers receive the latest updates.
  • Targeted in-app messages for enabling vendors to send important product and marketing notifications directly to the users of a specific application.
  • Operating systems support for delivering the flexibility needed to expand products to various operating systems.
  • Telemetry support for facilitating ISVs and IDVs to make data-driven product decisions by gathering information from each product installation and gaining business insights on the installed base statistics.

For ISVs and IDVs, the direction is clear. It’s time to move to automated, software update services. It’s the first step to their success and monetization of their software offerings.

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