Enterprise Security

Top five things to do in Las Vegas

We’re kicking off the 2024 cybersecurity event calendar in Las Vegas at CES 2024! For those joining us from the 9th – 12th, and in need of any other ways to shake off those January blues, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite things to do in Vegas that won’t break the bank: The Strip: […]

How to make your phishing campaign a success

Phishing is the most frequently deployed method used by criminals to initiate a cyber attack, according to research from IBM. Phishing is designed to trick users into clicking on links or downloading attachments that either install malware or give unauthorized users access to company systems.   With the growth in AI tools recently, phishing attempts are […]

Why we need a password-less future

If you’ve read part one, you’ll know that there’s a persistent problem with passwords. Despite the continued warnings, data breaches and endless guidance – weak and easily hackable passwords still guard a sobering number of online accounts and identities. Past experience tells us this is unlikely to change.