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Getting Your Head Out of the Cloud (and Your Business…

What is the allure of the cloud? Sure, there’s the cost savings and flexibility when trying out new ideas and proofs of concept; not having to commit to acquiring all the necessary infrastructure and the associated CapEx costs. There’s even an entire market segment out there, devoted to helping you maximize cloud spending and efficiency. […]

Cloud Encryption: It’s All About the Key Management

For security professionals, one of the primary challenges that arises with cloud computing is that they are faced with somehow protecting resources that, to varying degrees, they no longer have control over and for which traditional security controls like firewalls and IPS devices are ineffective.  However, regardless of which cloud model you adopt – IaaS, […]

Which Thing Are You? Identity in the Internet of Things

Much of the discussion around the Internet of Things (IoT) focuses on the sheer number of things and the volumes of data they’ll generate. Some even discuss security. But of much greater concern is the foundation on which trust is built in this increasingly complex environment – identity. And identity in the IoT isn’t users […]