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Apple iCloud and the future of authentication

In an increasingly digital and cloud-based world, as we hand over our relationship status and birth dates to Facebook, log our whereabouts on Twitter and Foursquare, upload our photos to Flickr and work off the corporate network from an airport, café or at home, there is one thing we refuse to let go of: gadgets.

Facebook for SIM connects the world – starting with Argentina

As I’m sure you’ve heard and seen, Facebook recently released a new Timeline feature, as reported by Todd Wasserman. This shows just how important a part the social networking site plays in our lives, whether personal or professional. While half the world sleeps, the other half are busy fuelling the internet content servers worldwide, with […]

NFC – the mobile war

As Google unveiled the Google Wallet NFC a few days ago, the search engine giant has thrown open the floor for mobile payment methods to all banking and secure transaction partners.

Five Fast Facts on Digital Traffic

Last week we announced the launch of the Netsize Guide by our colleagues over at Netsize. With almost 200 pages of insight and analysis into mobile content and services, there’s a lot in there to interest those of us in the industry. So for the next few weeks I’ll be picking out interesting topics from […]

Is Apple’s iCloud fit for business?

We’re all thankful for the cloud. One way or another, online storage servers are freeing up our hard drives, minimising our devices and adding a hint of mystery to the world of intellectual property and media ownership. As I confronted the growth of cloud computing in this blog on securing the identities of cloud users, […]

The Future of Payments: What the industry thinks

As the variety of payment options on offer expands each year, companies need to be aware that consumers are fickle creatures. At the close of 2011, leading UK newspaper The Times published an issue of the Raconteur supplement on the future of payments. In it, they gathered representatives from five key players in the payments […]