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Key dates for EMV in the U.S.

EMV in the United States is here. Secure, chip-based EMV credit and debit cards are now the new way to pay, and magnetic stripe cards will eventually become a thing of the past. (It’s long overdue; the Central Bank of China recommended that banks stop issuing magstripe cards after 2012, and the European Central Bank has been […]

Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit 2013

It’s a really exciting time to be part of the U.S. payments industry, with the country migrating to chip-based EMV cards and mobile payment solutions being implemented on a range of connected devices. So we made our way to Salt Lake City for the Smart Card Alliance’s 2013 Payments Summit last week with a great […]

Timing is everything: American Express Unveils EMV Plans as Fraud…

It didn’t take a crystal ball to see the evitable: with the rest of the world migrated to more secure EMV chip technology, fraudsters would move on and seek out the weakest link to carry out banking crimes.  This weak link would be, of course, the United States – the country still using antiquated magnetic […]

More EMV Options than Ever for U.S. Travelers

It used to be that the stereotypical U.S. tourist was the one wearing the white sneakers, shorts, and a fanny pack.  Oh, and don’t forget the giant camera. Today, you can recognize them in other parts of the world as the folks trying to pay with the antiquated magnetic stripe cards instead of the more […]