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New BMW cars do the talking in case of emergency

Deutsche Telekom and Gemalto announce that all BMW cars are embedding the eCall solution, an automatic emergency call system which is triggered when crash sensors detect that a vehicle has been involved in an accident, to directly make the link with the BMW call centre platform and provides all detailed information about the accident.


Securing our health(care)

How secure is your health? The information you provide your doctors with, your treatments, medical histories, scans and other bits of quite personal data your medical advisors have access to all needs to be protected and it mostly is thanks to encryption and other security measures. But what about the medical devices you use? As […]

A new parkour game – tried it with NFC?

NFC is all about freeing us up – making purchasing simpler and more straightforward. The art of parkour or ‘free-running’ is the embodiment of movement without obstacle, pause, or thought. To us, it echoes the philosophy of NFC technology and the freedom it allows us every day. So, what’s the link?