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Mobile P2P payments for the unbanked

Whilst the idea of keeping your money in a bank account seems commonplace to most in the developed world, for large parts of the developing world it is either a novelty or a pipe dream. There are many advantages to having a bank account, such as keeping your money safe, earning interest and also having […]

The World of eBanking: Africa

Following on from our previous post on the world of eBanking which focused on Asia, we continue with the series by taking a look at eBanking in Africa. Africa The financial services sector in Africa is poised to thrive.  According to consultancy Bain & Company, the $107 billion industry could grow by 15 percent a […]

The history of the mobile phone: very large, to small,…

Is it just me, or are cell phones (after decades of shrinking) getting bigger and bigger? The first mobiles (models from the ‘Improved Mobile Telephone Service’ of the 1960s) were laughably large by today’s standards, and probably didn’t even warrant the description of ‘mobile’. Fortunately, the innovative and brilliant Martin Cooper, working for Motorola at […]


The rise of mobile banking

Mobile banking is now well on the way to becoming a regularly used and understood application around the world. And in spite of naysayers who defend traditional branches and talk down their decline at the hands of electronic banking channels, the demand for safe, secure and convenient mobile banking mixed with the capability of modern […]