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The Olympics are over… but are they really?

While the 2012 Olympic Games are now but a distant memory, the buzz and hype certainly aren’t. More than just medals and great athletic performances were created over the summer. Back in July, we told you all about Visa’s efforts to make the 2012 Olympics cashless. Visa gave more than 1,000 “key stakeholders and decision […]

NFC is always a hot topic, especially at NFC World…

Just a few weeks ago NFC services launched in Singapore and with over 20,000 point-of-sales, it is an exciting time to see where NFC technology will take us. For those of you, who are more visually inclined, take a look at this infographic outlining a day in the life of an NFC user. The mobile […]

Discuss the drivers of NFC with us at NFC World…

Near Field Communication is a hot topic in the news at the moment. Wherever you look, you see another story about a  shop using NFC to enable contactless technology, or another mobile operator enabling its contactless payments with a touch of the cell phone. But what really stands out for the users? What do they […]