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What is this 21st century SMS?

Caroline Doussot, head of Gemalto Mobile Marketing Services, gives us the low-down on this technology in an interview with Mobile Marketing Magazine and Vivo Brazil tells us why it’s working for them.

3 golden rules for marketing campaigns: reach, engagement and financial…

I wanted to share with you a  video of Ralph Santana,  Samsung’s CMO,  where he  identifies the 3 key criteria for mass brands to find market success with their campaigns: broad reach, meaningful engagement and financial impact. This presentation was made a few weeks ago at Ad Age Digital Conference and made us even more convinced that mobile […]

The 21st century CRM

Following our post on the benefits of the 21st century SMS, you can now learn about the 21st century CRM and the importance of permission marketing to ensure success in mobile marketing.

Smartphone users still prefer SMS offers

Messaging is easy, simple, and democratic because it’s the only mobile marketing channel compatible with all handsets and consistently available in the same format for everyone. According to a recent study by Upstream, even the vast majority of smartphone users (75%) prefer to receive offers via SMS.

10 Tips to make mobile marketing work for your business

As mobile devices are so personal, brands and marketers can develop a one-to-one communication with consumers. However, there is need to build up a rich opt-in and CRM database of the target market to benefit from this and ensure a high ROI for the marketing efforts. We share with you our 10 top tips to create successful mobile marketing campaigns.