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Product Marketing Manager at Thales and goal-oriented leader, Alex has achieved success through consensus building, organization, and motivation. Among colleagues and clients, Alex has earned a reputation as a hard working self-starter focused on achieving results regardless of the obstacles involved.


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A Deeper Dive Into GDPR: Breach Notification

Breach notification is only one piece of the GDPR story. No organization wants to be victim of a data breach. The aftermath costs has immeasurable affects to your reputation and it causes real damage to the individuals whose data was compromised. Take a deeper dive into understanding GDPR.

A deeper dive into GDPR: Data Control

How do we provide a level of data control that is compliant with GDPR? Enter Encryption and key management. Ultimately, with encryption, only key holders are capable of accessing data; this is the way organizations restrict encryption key access and ultimately control the data.

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