Identity & Biometric Solutions

A new era of age verification

There are many scenarios where we might need to prove our age – from ordering an alcoholic drink in a bar, to applying for a job, buying medication, or accessing age restricted content online. And while most people currently use physical documents (such as a passport or a driving license) to verify their age, we […]

Getting your organisation post-quantum ready

While quantum computing is still very much in its early stages, it’s important that companies are already thinking about this evolving technology – and more importantly implementing and stress testing much needed solutions suitable for a post-quantum world. In this blog series we have already discussed the evolving threat that is quantum computing, the need […]

Digital identity: Dispelling the myths

Digital identities have had a significant impact on the way we interact, transact, and explore the world around us. However, there is still a limited understanding of what they are and the benefits they have. In our latest piece for Computer Fraud & Security Magazine, we addressed some of the common misunderstandings around digital IDs, and […]

Unofficial digital IDs – what are the risks?

Digital identification has rapidly become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, simplifying processes for both individuals and businesses. What was once considered technology exclusive to “tech-savvy digital natives” has now become more mainstream, with large parts of the population embracing digital IDs. This shift has been significantly accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated […]