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World Border Security Congress: How can technology make travel safe,…

Border control agencies and government authorities have vast remits; overseeing national security, facilitating cargo and trade, and managing the movement of millions of people across borders. With that comes various challenges. They must tackle the risk of illegal immigration, identity fraud, human trafficking, movement of contraband, and terrorist activity. With IATA predicting that in 2024 […]

Five steps to secure eResidence Permits

What are EU eRPs? An eResidence Permit (eRP) is a crucial document that allows foreign nationals to stay in the European Union (EU) beyond the initial three months. It serves as a legal proof of residence and provides essential information about the holder’s status. In light of recent incidents involving high-quality eRP counterfeits, there are […]

Emerging digital identity trends for 2024

Whether we actively think about it or not, we are constantly verifying our identity as part of our everyday lives. Monitoring digital identity trends is therefore more important than ever. From showing our passports at border control, to buying alcohol and even unlocking our phones, proving our identity is a central part of countless daily […]