Identity & Biometric Solutions

The journey to more sustainable passports

When we think about the carbon footprint associated with traveling abroad, we naturally focus on the modes of transportation we use. However, there is another aspect of international travel that contributes to our environmental impact: our passports.  These documents tucked away in our draws may seem small and unassuming, but with millions of passports being […]

Identity as Infrastructure – Why ID is crucial for all

Governments all over the world understand the importance of investing in infrastructure. Whether it’s building roads or airports to promote economic growth, or optimising power supplies – investing in this infrastructure is seen as vital to ensure effective functionality for their countries or organisations. One way of transforming infrastructure is by integrating identity as a […]

World Border Security Congress: How can technology make travel safe,…

Border control agencies and government authorities have vast remits; overseeing national security, facilitating cargo and trade, and managing the movement of millions of people across borders. With that comes various challenges. They must tackle the risk of illegal immigration, identity fraud, human trafficking, movement of contraband, and terrorist activity. With IATA predicting that in 2024 […]