Mobile Connectivity – The abbreviations, acronyms and trends

It’s been a big year for mobile connectivity, with advancements across eSIMs, 5G, IoT, and post-quantum technologies – to name a just a few. While each of these trends and innovations play their part in shaping the future of connectivity, the telecoms industry is full of acronyms, abbreviations, and jargon that can be challenging to […]

Unlocking the Power of Smart Metering

An energy crisis, inflationary pressures, climate change… the need for monitoring and managing energy usage and resources is clear. Smart meters have emerged as one of the ways to do this – for businesses, public sector organisations and individuals alike. Against this backdrop it will be no surprise that there has been mass adoption, with […]

IoT Solutions World Congress – What to Expect from Thales…

We’re headed back to Barcelona this month for IoT Solutions World Congress. Fuelled by the 5G rollout it’s predicted that there will be an additional 2.5 billion IoT devices and cellular connections by 2027. This surge is set to unlock the potential of massive IoT, paving the way for innovative use cases like smart meters […]

AI-powered smart cities: Navigating challenges and opportunities

Imagine a city where technology works like magic behind the scenes… This isn’t a dream scenario – it’s becoming a reality thanks to the promise of smart cities, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Our urban landscapes are undergoing a major transformation, making them smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. The integration of AI into city […]

Trends, challenges, and opportunities in IoT deployment

IoT deployment demands greater simplification, more orchestration, and the right level of security for each use case. With a projection of over five billion cellular IoT connections expected by 2028, the world of IoT is growing at a rapid pace. But what are the core trends, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead? In this article […]