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The deepfake threat: How do banks respond?

Misinformation and fake news are on the rise – so prevalent that the World Economic Forum identified it as the biggest threat in its 2024 Global Risks Report. The threat posed by misinformation has been growing for several years now, but this is only compounded by the growing sophistication of deepfake technology. Artificial intelligence has […]

PSD3: What is this new regulation and how does it…

If you work in the banking or payments industry, then no doubt you would have heard about the new Proposed Services Directive… also known as PSD3. But what does the new proposed regulation mean? How does it differ from PSD2? When does it come into force? We’ve summarised all you need to know below. What […]

How to prevent yourself from being a victim of banking…

With the news that cyber attackers used malware to steal millions from bank accounts across the world, banking security is more important than ever. According to the UK National Crime Agency, a recent spate of cybercrime attacks is estimated to have caused $100 million worth of losses globally. The attackers used a malware known as Dridex, […]