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Isabelle works in marketing communication for Gemalto’s Telecom business. Blogs on everything mobile, especially events and news. I cannot get away from social media in private life… whether to invite my friends to go walking near the sea or to have a drink with them in a bar.

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Why it’s time for biometric payment cards to hit the…

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where making a payment became an awkward ordeal? Perhaps you’ve caused a hold up at the tube barriers while waiting for your mobile device to recognise your fingerprint, or maybe you’ve drawn a blank on your PIN number at the supermarket checkout. This predicament is a familiar […]

Personal Cloud: Tips to improve service performance

Gemalto’s Cloud Backup meets subscribers’ needs to back-up, store and secure their contacts, wherever they are. And for the operator there are many benefits. When it comes to implementing personal cloud services, there are four main areas that MNOs should address. Over the coming weeks on the Gemalto Telecoms blog, we’ll be drawing on field […]

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