Enterprise Security

Tech 101: Blockchain & Its Role in Identity

As an emerging technology – blockchain is often spoken about, but up until recently in the hypothetical. In recent years the technology has grown exponentially, and many organisations are not only exploring the benefits – but actively implementing it across a range of use cases. Whether it’s for financial services or healthcare, global spending on […]

Cybersecurity: Going back to basics

We’ve been talking about cybersecurity for years… surely by now everyone understands what they need to do to stay safe? Unfortunately, the level of risk is getting higher, and our own research has revealed that consumers are slacking when it comes to some basic cybersecurity measures. According to the findings, which were carried out in […]

Nurturing the Talent Pipeline, Building the Future Workforce

The long-term resilience of countless industries depends – in part – on our ability to pass fundamental skills onto the next generation. However, with young people often acting as catalysts for change, they offer exciting potential to push the boundaries, too. And with many young adults considering their next steps this summer, it’s a perfect […]

How can companies balance security and online experience?

What’s more important to users today, data security or a good user experience? The answer…both. Security and experience now go hand in hand, and customers will simply go elsewhere if brands fall short on either. In fact, new global research from Thales’ Digital Trust Index found that 29% of consumers have abandoned a brand in […]