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Digital technology leader with over 25 years’ industry experience. Executive Vice President Digital Identity & Security GBU at Thales; formally CEO of Gemalto. I believe that agility, curiosity and teamwork are key to being successful – especially in the fast-moving technology landscape. Agility because you need to be resilient to adapt and respond to your customers’ changing needs. Curiosity, about your customers’ business and also because there’s a world of new ideas out there to learn from. Teamwork because you can’t do it all alone; if everyone performs, then the company performs. At Thales we’re building trusted solutions that our customers – and their customers – use every day. We’re always innovating ways to make security easy and convenient for users.


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MWC 2021: Three key Thales innovations at this year’s event

After a year of working from home for many people and, some of our industry’s landmark events being postponed due to the pandemic, it was an absolute pleasure to be back in person at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2021). While this year’s event has been understandably more limited due to ongoing restrictions designed to keep […]

Why a multi-layered technological approach can help the airline industry…

‘This article first appeared on Philippe Vallee’s LinkedIn’ The impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry has been dramatic. For over three months, flights around the world have been grounded as travel has become limited by necessity to slow the transmission of the virus. This downturn has had a material impact on airlines globally, with […]

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