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Digital technology leader with over 25 years’ industry experience. Executive Vice President Digital Identity & Security GBU at Thales; formally CEO of Gemalto. I believe that agility, curiosity and teamwork are key to being successful – especially in the fast-moving technology landscape. Agility because you need to be resilient to adapt and respond to your customers’ changing needs. Curiosity, about your customers’ business and also because there’s a world of new ideas out there to learn from. Teamwork because you can’t do it all alone; if everyone performs, then the company performs. At Thales we’re building trusted solutions that our customers – and their customers – use every day. We’re always innovating ways to make security easy and convenient for users.


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What is an engineer? Why we need to challenge the…

Engineers design the world around us. Whether it’s inventing, designing and maintaining machines, structures or data systems, there isn’t a single part of our everyday lives that isn’t touched by engineering. Despite this, the demographic makeup of the profession does not reflect the wider world. For example, the field of engineering is one (of many) […]

Cybersecurity: Going back to basics

We’ve been talking about cybersecurity for years… surely by now everyone understands what they need to do to stay safe? Unfortunately, the level of risk is getting higher, and our own research has revealed that consumers are slacking when it comes to some basic cybersecurity measures. According to the findings, which were carried out in […]

Nurturing the Talent Pipeline, Building the Future Workforce

The long-term resilience of countless industries depends – in part – on our ability to pass fundamental skills onto the next generation. However, with young people often acting as catalysts for change, they offer exciting potential to push the boundaries, too. And with many young adults considering their next steps this summer, it’s a perfect […]

AI-powered smart cities: Navigating challenges and opportunities

Imagine a city where technology works like magic behind the scenes… This isn’t a dream scenario – it’s becoming a reality thanks to the promise of smart cities, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Our urban landscapes are undergoing a major transformation, making them smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. The integration of AI into city […]

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