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Ken Abbott. Head of Web Communications. Blogs about all facets of Gemalto, especially evolving digital security trends. Enjoys motorcycling along the back roads of Provence, France.


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Is Bruce Willis trying to take a byte out of…

In his iconic role as cop John McClane, star of the Die Hard series, Bruce Willis became renowned for foiling the antics of some of Hollywood’s most notorious bad guys. But, according to recent reports, Bruce has now set his sights on an altogether different opponent. A number of news organisations across the globe have […]

Digital life after death

Most of us have more than one life. If this sounds strange, I’m referring of course to the digital life that more and more of us subscribe to every day. But when our time comes to an end, the question of what happens to our digital assets is an increasingly important question. Personally, I have my Twitter, […]

Crédit Agricole customers offered easier payment and added security

You might already have seen from the news over the last 24 hours that one of France’s leading banks (and one of the largest in Europe), Crédit Agricole, has recently been rolling out contactless EMV banking cards to its customers in France, secured by optimized EMV risk management features from Gemalto. This is an industry first, […]

Clever communication for Smart Cities

World population is predicted to hit 9 billion by the year 2050, and those next 2 billion people will be urban dwellers. Managing the cities of tomorrow will require doing a better job at providing housing, transportation and energy, and doing so in a sustainable way.


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