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3 Steps to Unsharing and Protecting Sensitive Data

In today’s global economy, data is king. Organizations are mining their available data to personalize customer experiences, automate processes, outperform the competition, and guide other important business initiatives and decisions. As a result, they’re not only producing more of it, but they’re also storing, processing, and distributing it in more places. So what does that […]

Getting Your Head Out of the Cloud (and Your Business…

What is the allure of the cloud? Sure, there’s the cost savings and flexibility when trying out new ideas and proofs of concept; not having to commit to acquiring all the necessary infrastructure and the associated CapEx costs. There’s even an entire market segment out there, devoted to helping you maximize cloud spending and efficiency. […]

A Prescription for Healthcare Data Protection

When we think about industries and the significant challenges with handling PII and PCI, the ecosystem surrounding healthcare bears specific attention. In today’s world this medical ecosystem has undergone significant change based on the following criteria: Changes in What Constitutes Healthcare –  the amount of healthcare options available to consumers has grown significantly – from […]