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4 Major Innovations in Healthcare Smart Cards

As the healthcare industry digitises, security is a growing concern for consumers and businesses alike. Our healthcare data is perhaps the most personal information we have, and every effort needs to be made to keep it secure. There is broad consensus that using a password to access sensitive information is not robust enough, not to […]

Unlocking Innovation in Healthcare: How 5G is The Key to…

Over the coming months on this blog, we will be exploring the impact 5G is having on certain industries – and the impact it can have in the future. In our previous blog we looked specifically at manufacturing, and this time we are focusing on healthcare. The importance of technology in healthcare Whether it’s driving […]


A Prescription for Healthcare Data Protection

When we think about industries and the significant challenges with handling PII and PCI, the ecosystem surrounding healthcare bears specific attention. In today’s world this medical ecosystem has undergone significant change based on the following criteria: Changes in What Constitutes Healthcare –  the amount of healthcare options available to consumers has grown significantly – from […]

[Infographic] Practitioners – Are You EPCS-Compliant?

This post originally appeared on SafeNet’s The Art of Data Protection blog – now part of the Gemalto Digital Security blog. To comply with the DEA’s Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) regulation, medical practitioners need to re-authenticate to their EHR system using two-factor authentication whenever they issue Rx’s for medical narcotics in digital format. […]

IoT Nightmares: The Pacemakers

This post originally appeared on SafeNet’s The Art of Data Protection blog prior to SafeNet being acquired by Gemalto. Medical professionals hailed the technology as “the biggest step towards immortality made in our lifetime.” New devices that would save millions of lives. A new range insulin pumps, defibulators, and implanted devices of all kinds were […]