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Data breach statistics 2017: First half results are in

So far this year, the level of social awareness around cybersecurity and data breaches has exploded causing more people sit up and take notice. Historically, the topic was covered predominantly by tech-centric publications but recently has received much more attention from mainstream media. Today’s announcement from the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that a […]

H1 2015 Data Breaches by the Numbers

Here’s the good news first: Just released by Gemalto and based on publicly available breach information, the Breach Level Index (BLI) report for H1 2015 shows that the number of data records lost or stolen in the first half of this year – 245.9 million records* total – was down by about 40% compared to […]

Which Thing Are You? Identity in the Internet of Things

Much of the discussion around the Internet of Things (IoT) focuses on the sheer number of things and the volumes of data they’ll generate. Some even discuss security. But of much greater concern is the foundation on which trust is built in this increasingly complex environment – identity. And identity in the IoT isn’t users […]