Financial Services

How to prevent yourself from being a victim of banking…

With the news that cyber attackers used malware to steal millions from bank accounts across the world, banking security is more important than ever. According to the UK National Crime Agency, a recent spate of cybercrime attacks is estimated to have caused $100 million worth of losses globally. The attackers used a malware known as Dridex, […]

What are false declines and can I prevent them?

Have you heard of false declines? With the boom in internet shopping the amount of fraud taking place online has also risen exponentially. In response to this, financial institutions introduced numerous measures intended to help keep legitimate consumer financial transactions safe. A good example is if you have been trying to purchase something online and […]

Why does my ID card need biometric technology?

ID documents come in many forms, from state-issued ID cards, to passports and driving licenses. These documents are a very valuable commodity – after all, they contain large amounts of personal information, and they’re used by governments around the world as proof you are who you say you are. Fraudsters have long been known to […]

eCommerce payment predictions for 2023

From network tokens to bolstered authentication, find out our predictions for the year ahead Consumers don’t worry about payment transactions in their day-to-day life. Getting a taxi, listening to music, ordering food, buying theatre tickets and going to the gym all happen with background payments – one shot or recurrent, in-store or online. The checkout […]