Financial Services

Why does my ID card need biometric technology?

ID documents come in many forms, from state-issued ID cards, to passports and driving licenses. These documents are a very valuable commodity – after all, they contain large amounts of personal information, and they’re used by governments around the world as proof you are who you say you are. Fraudsters have long been known to […]

eCommerce payment predictions for 2023

From network tokens to bolstered authentication, find out our predictions for the year ahead Consumers don’t worry about payment transactions in their day-to-day life. Getting a taxi, listening to music, ordering food, buying theatre tickets and going to the gym all happen with background payments – one shot or recurrent, in-store or online. The checkout […]

ICYMI: Developments in Digital Banking & Payment

The way consumers manage their finances is changing and every year we grow more accustomed to digital channels that are not only efficient – but user-friendly and secure. The banks looking to future-proof themselves are the ones that recognise this, continue to innovate and put these new services in customer’s hands. This year we’ve explored […]

ICYMI: Sustainability initiatives in 2022

In recent years increased attention has turned to sustainability. As climate change and ethical means of doing business are (rightfully) becoming a big driver behind consumer decisions, over the past year we’ve explored some of the different ways that various sectors are looking to tackle this issue – whether it’s energy efficient document verification readers […]