Identity & Biometric Solutions

What could passports look like in 20 years?

In the next two decades, passports are poised for transformative changes. With the rapid pace of digitalization, many are questioning whether, in 2044, physical documents will still be prevalent and how the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) could revolutionize document design and verification. Although increasingly digital, physical passports are likely to remain a staple. By […]

A new era of age verification

There are many scenarios where we might need to prove our age – from ordering an alcoholic drink in a bar, to applying for a job, buying medication, or accessing age restricted content online. And while most people currently use physical documents (such as a passport or a driving license) to verify their age, we […]

Getting your organisation post-quantum ready

While quantum computing is still very much in its early stages, it’s important that companies are already thinking about this evolving technology – and more importantly implementing and stress testing much needed solutions suitable for a post-quantum world. In this blog series we have already discussed the evolving threat that is quantum computing, the need […]

Digital identity: Dispelling the myths

Digital identities have had a significant impact on the way we interact, transact, and explore the world around us. However, there is still a limited understanding of what they are and the benefits they have. In our latest piece for Computer Fraud & Security Magazine, we addressed some of the common misunderstandings around digital IDs, and […]