Enterprise Security

Are we seeing the death of the password?

Joey Muniz (The Security Blogger) wrote recently about how it is becoming increasingly straightforward for potential hackers to find out your passwords, due to the predictable nature of way people select a password. This useful cartoon from xkcd shows how easy it can be to obtain passwords, also suggesting a simple way in which to […]

Mind Your PVQs

Bruce Schneier’s recent post in which he said that secret questions had reached a ‘new low’ may have shocked some casual observers, but for me it simply underlines a problem which is all too common. Personal verification questions (PVQs) and answers have been the de facto solution for forgotten passwords since the creation of email […]

Footstep Identification: Can you Walk the Walk?

In 1991, Phil Collins told us: ‘The only thing about me is the way I walk’. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOyF4hR5GoE It seems he was one step ahead of the game. It’s taken 20 years for the security industry to catch up with Phil and his Genesis bandmates, but an article published this week by the New Scientist claims […]

It’s good to talk: communication is key to tackling cybercrime

Recently, @briankrebs highlighted a Trojan attack which showed quite how sophisticated some cyber attacks are now becoming. The case in question is being investigated by German police, and involves a new piece of malware which convinces online banking customers to willingly transfer their own money into the accounts of criminals. This particular case shows that, sometimes, even a layered […]