Enterprise Security

CIO research – your questions wanted

We’re shortly going to be researching CIOs globally on their views on security and authentication. What their concerns and pressure points are, what the barriers to implementing stronger security seem to be and where responsibility for security sits within an organization. However, we’d like YOU to pose the questions.

What would you ask?

Is Email our Weakest Link?

Fahmida Y. Rashid’s recent article on email being the main source of data leaks in organizations shines a light on how dependent all professionals have become on email, and how dangerous this could prove to be. It’s all too easy to forward work emails to yourself, or to friends or colleagues, with attachments containing sensitive […]

Online Privacy and Security Top of Mind in Congress

Our lives are increasingly online, making work and play more convenient and efficient.  At the same time, the attacks on our computers and networks continue to increase. It seems like every day we read of a new data breach that has put personal identity information and corporate data in the hands of criminals.  Most recently, […]

Developing an Enterprise IT security policy

Security is as much about the use policies as it is about technology deployed – in fact some might argue that defining policies for network security is the most important step no matter how sophisticated your security architecture. With this in mind, today we have a guest contributor to the Enterprise Security blog, Joe Schembri from Villanova University, who gives us some helpful hints on how to develop an enterprise IT security policy.