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NFC developments at CES 2012

As Near Field Communications (NFC) stories spun like roulette wheels at CES in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, the emergence of several new devices caught my eye. For some time now, we have been blogging about NFC as the technology of choice when using mobile devices for e-payment. To highlight this point Gemalto […]

CES 2012: ARM, home networking and the cloud

While mobility and wireless technology have dominated CES for years, one of the more interesting things to note this year is how ARM processors have worked their way into almost every mobile device. TechCruch’s Devin Coldewey took note of this in his article on the winners and losers at CES 2012, stating: “..smart TVs, tablets, […]

Security innovations at CES 2012

While CES is not historically synonymous with security technology, there were a few interesting innovations around mobile security that caught my eye at this year’s event. Intel continues to push its Identity Protection Technology (IPT) and Anti-Theft (AT) technology as part of the ultrabook introduction. I particularly like this as it allows for both more […]