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Leadership in Digital Security

  Today marks an exciting milestone as Thales and Gemalto become one company. As a result of the combination of these two global leaders in digital security, Thales eSecurity and Gemalto’s Enterprise & Cybersecurity business are joining together as Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing, creating the world leader in cloud, data and software protection. It’s […]

Cloud Security: How to Secure Your Sensitive Data in the…

In today’s world, an increasing number of organizations are moving their data to the cloud for many reasons. As more data is produced, processed, and stored in the cloud – it becomes a prime target for cybercriminals who are always lurking around to lay their hands on organizations’ sensitive data – cloud security becomes imperative. Learn how to secure your sensitive data in the cloud in this blog.

Slashing Breaches in 2018 with Cloud Access Management

Prevent data breaches in 2018 with cloud access management. MFA is only part of the solution. By combining cloud single sign-on, MFA and granular policies, access management solutions provide security leaders with a single pane of glass from which to define and enforce access controls on all their cloud and web apps.