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Save a Whale… Save your Job!

When I refer to a whale, I am referring to your boss or, in some cases, you! A whale in information security lingo is a person with significant assets or access and whaling (as outlined by Bob Violino on CIO) is but one of many types of cyber attacks that are evolving. From phishing and pharming to spear phishing, the list goes on.

An ode to consumer privacy

Do you use your mobile phone purely for calling? If so, you’re missing out! The new mobile era has brought us many possibilities, given us more flexibility and shaped our daily habits with the noble mission of making our life easier. However, everything comes at a price. While mobile devices nowadays are enabled to allow […]

How You Can Keep Your Business and Customers Safe Online

The old adage that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link is especially true when it comes to making the Internet safer and more secure. Over the past decade, the National Cyber Security Alliance has worked with its government and industry partners, including Gemalto, to ensure there are an abundance of online […]

Small Business Security can Never be Considered ‘Done’

UK Government cyber security schemes have been coming thick and fast over the past couple of months. At the end of June UK.gov launched its Cyber Essentials self-assessment scheme for small businesses. It costs £300 quid but certified companies automatically qualify for free insurance. You can download the questions for free from one of the […]