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Can healthcare survive a digital security scare?

I remember the time of corduroy, vinyl records, saddle shoes, and microfiche. When I think of these things now, I am thankful for Bluetooth music streaming, one-click online shopping and the MapQuest app on my phone. It makes you wonder why – in this day and age –  people’s names, social security numbers, wage information […]

Digitised healthcare records – a matter of life and death?

Is the health of your health records at risk? In our quest to make personal health data easily available to medical professionals and reduce the number of paper files, many countries have mandated the use of electronic medical records (EMR). The challenge is that these records are typically not well protected leaving the door wide […]

Online Privacy and Security Top of Mind in Congress

Our lives are increasingly online, making work and play more convenient and efficient.  At the same time, the attacks on our computers and networks continue to increase. It seems like every day we read of a new data breach that has put personal identity information and corporate data in the hands of criminals.  Most recently, […]