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Around the eBanking world in 80 posts (4 actually)

With the boom in online banking, Banks around the world are moving rapidly to expand their use of digital security devices – something you have – for eBanking and eCommerce. The move to a safer online experience using digital security devices to replace antiquated static passwords is universal and in the first of our series of 4 posts we’re looking at Asia.

How your wallet (and your bank) are going mobile

Mobile banking is a high priority for financial services organizations especially with the arrival of the Internet generation. Mobile services are now moving away from a stripped down version of the banks’ web sites but towards an app-based approach. What does this mean for banks and what will be the impact of the arrival of NFC?

eBanking solutions

Håkan Nordfjell and Peter Gullberg explain the core benefits of Gemalto’s Ezio Suite — a comprehensive, versatile and easy-to-implement eBanking security solution. They explain the benefits that such a scalable, portable and flexible solution offers to the banking industry, including tools for viewing real-time eGovernance, tax returns, and insurance payments. Have a watch!

Bringing banking services to India

India, as one of the BRICS, is a fast-growing and exploding country. Named a ‘superpower-in-waiting’ by The Economist recently, it is attracting investors and many a business to tap into this wealth of people, services and skills. Which creates wealth, and indeed, there is a booming middle class taking advantage of this growth, especially in […]