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Survey Results: The State of Data Security in APAC –…

Asia-Pacific (APAC) organisations across various industry verticals are undergoing a digital transformation or have transformed their business in order to move into the digital economy. While digital transformation presents APAC organisations with many business advantages but is data security top of mind when they are planning to transform their business to meet the digital age? Or is security an afterthought, causing panic after a data breach? So what are organisations in APAC doing to adapt to these changes safely?

Securing Machine Identities In The Digital Transformation Era

With Internet of Things(IoT) usage rapidly growing and there being an increased number of devices that are interconnected, the immediate need for all organizations is to ensure identity and authenticity of these devices or applications within its infrastructure that are communicating with each other.This is where understanding ‘machine identity’ and ensuring its security becomes paramount.Discover what Machine Identity is, why it is important, how digital certificates play an integral part and how Thales can help.