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Why 1984 didn’t happen

1984 – published on June 8 1949 – painted a bleak picture of a world where every move was electronically monitored. But e-ID has shown that managing citizen identification is possible without infringing upon civil liberties.

What does our future identity look like?

Facebook and Google have been under the spotlight recently for the way they deal with online identities. These are just some of the most high profile examples, but have helped drive heightened awareness of our online identities and privacy settings. This week’s SXSWi is understandably awash with debates about what the future might look like […]

A Guide to Turkey’s Digital Future

With almost half of its 78 million citizens now online, Turkey is rapidly developing into a technological powerhouse. Not only is its young population (averaging just 28 years of age) becoming increasingly active online, but the country’s government and large corporations have been equally proactive in investing in cutting-edge technologies.