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CTIA E-Tech Awards 2013: With M2M, Smaller and Smarter is…

The inspiration of many a sci-fi film and also a recent blog post comes from the burning question: will machines replace humans? While the answer is uncertain to what degree, they’re already beginning to enter the job market. Machines are doing jobs once done by humans, mainly because machines are getting smarter. M2M technology brings […]


Multi-Factor Authentication on the Way for Healthcare

This week, I am the bearer of good news – it looks like multi-factor authentication is going to be a mandatory requirement in the US healthcare system. First things first, some background: as we speak, a federal advisory group (HIT Policy Committee) is shaping policies which will affect how we access information in our healthcare […]

Keeping patient data private and protected

You may have seen the news recently about our healthcare project with Seattle Children’s, where we helped staff replace weak and static passwords with strong authentication contactless technology. Following on from this, I was delighted to come across Robert Keeler’s blog post on the news, entitled: “Has Healthcare EHR Turned the Corner? Yes!” It is […]

Can healthcare survive a digital security scare?

I remember the time of corduroy, vinyl records, saddle shoes, and microfiche. When I think of these things now, I am thankful for Bluetooth music streaming, one-click online shopping and the MapQuest app on my phone. It makes you wonder why – in this day and age –  people’s names, social security numbers, wage information […]