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Unofficial digital IDs – what are the risks?

Digital identification has rapidly become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, simplifying processes for both individuals and businesses. What was once considered technology exclusive to “tech-savvy digital natives” has now become more mainstream, with large parts of the population embracing digital IDs. This shift has been significantly accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated […]

Why we need a password-less future

If you’ve read part one, you’ll know that there’s a persistent problem with passwords. Despite the continued warnings, data breaches and endless guidance – weak and easily hackable passwords still guard a sobering number of online accounts and identities. Past experience tells us this is unlikely to change.

What citizens want from a Digital ID Wallet

The concept of Digital ID wallets has become more mainstream in recent years, due to many factors. Whether it’s having your Covid-19 vaccination status stored on your device, your boarding passes stored on a Google Pay wallet, or proof of age – the concept of being able to easily prove who you are to access […]