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The Evolution of Digital Banking Authentication – Part 1

Looking back at how financial institutions (FIs) have been protecting access to their remote digital services can help us to understand the banking authentication technology used today, and what may evolve in the coming future. But before we can get to what’s coming, we need to start from the beginning. What is Multi-Factor Authentication? Service […]

Reddit Breach Takeaways: MFA and Access Management

Reddit has been hacked! Their SMS based authentication was not strong enough to prevent a breach, so they will be moving towards token-based two-factor authentication (2FA)—will that be enough? Discover how a strong cloud access management solution with multifactor authentication could take data protection to new levels

New UK NCSC Guidelines Urge Use of Multi-Factor Authentication and…

A couple of weeks ago, the UK National Cyber Security Centre, a part of the British intelligence and security organization GCHQ, published guidelines for enterprise information security leaders on how they can implement multi-factor authentication to thwart breaches and unauthorized access to online accounts. The guidelines cover both consumer authentication to online services, such as banking […]

Guidelines to comply with PCI DSS 3.2

Starting in Feb 2018, all who access systems that hold credit card data will be required to authenticate with multi-factor authentication. This is a direct outcome of PCI DSS’s new requirement providing best practices for organizations that need to extend their MFA and comply.