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Reddit Breach Takeaways: MFA and Access Management

Reddit has been hacked! Their SMS based authentication was not strong enough to prevent a breach, so they will be moving towards token-based two-factor authentication (2FA)—will that be enough? Discover how a strong cloud access management solution with multifactor authentication could take data protection to new levels

New UK NCSC Guidelines Urge Use of Multi-Factor Authentication and…

A couple of weeks ago, the UK National Cyber Security Centre, a part of the British intelligence and security organization GCHQ, published guidelines for enterprise information security leaders on how they can implement multi-factor authentication to thwart breaches and unauthorized access to online accounts. The guidelines cover both consumer authentication to online services, such as banking […]

Guidelines to comply with PCI DSS 3.2

Starting in Feb 2018, all who access systems that hold credit card data will be required to authenticate with multi-factor authentication. This is a direct outcome of PCI DSS’s new requirement providing best practices for organizations that need to extend their MFA and comply.