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News from CTIA Wireless 2012: MasterCard Wallets, Verizon Tablets

This week, we’re at CTIA Wireless 2012, showcasing some of our NFC solutions (booth #3432 – stop on by!) and seeing what’s new from our colleagues.  Pre-conference on Monday, we stopped by the MasterCard event to get their latest news.  Sure enough, it was a big announcement: MasterCard introduced PayPass Wallet Services. It’s likely you […]

What are contactless stickers? How can you use them to…

You may have seen our announcement yesterday with UniCredit in Slovakia where we were selected to supply stickers that contain a contactless payment function. These little beauties based on MasterCard PayPass technology can be stuck to any object turning it into a banking card. This means you no longer have to leave the house with […]

Moving NFC forward with MasterCard certification

Recently, I talked about some of the work we are doing with NFC-based mobile payments, and gave some background on the secure element needed to make these payments. Well, in the meantime we announced another piece of the puzzle for making NFC implementations easier for mobile operators and banks.