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3 golden rules for marketing campaigns: reach, engagement and financial…

I wanted to share with you a  video of Ralph Santana,  Samsung’s CMO,  where he  identifies the 3 key criteria for mass brands to find market success with their campaigns: broad reach, meaningful engagement and financial impact. This presentation was made a few weeks ago at Ad Age Digital Conference and made us even more convinced that mobile […]

What is this 21st century SMS?

Caroline Doussot, head of Gemalto Mobile Marketing Services, gives us the low-down on this technology in an interview with Mobile Marketing Magazine and Vivo Brazil tells us why it’s working for them.

Best practices on mobile permission-marketing

Who hasn’t received an unwanted SMS and had to click several buttons to open, read and finally delete the message? With a steady increase in mobile advertising, practices such as this have unfortunately become very common in recent years, irritating a growing number of users. With a different idea in mind, and completely focused on […]

The rise of mobile marketing

With over 5 bn subscribers worldwide, the mobile as a marketing channel is rising. Have a look at some of the stats we’ve compiled to show that we’re talking business here. Vodafone and Claro know what they’re doing…