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With US Fraud, It Takes a Bust to Bring Awareness

Recent Nilson Report fraud numbers show that the United States accounts for 47 percent of global fraud, even though it generates only 27 percent of the total volume of purchase transactions. Alarming, right?  Still, I haven’t seen very much media coverage of this news. What has generated a lot of coverage recently is the “Biggest ID […]

Can EMV Save US Banks A Billion Dollars?

Remember a few weeks ago when I applauded Visa for announcing plans to accelerate the migration to EMV chip technology and the adoption of mobile payments?  Since then, I have been struck by a few stories in the news that really drive home what this migration will mean for the United States. First, this story […]

Who is to blame? Europol shuts down skimming

For years, analysts and banking experts have been predicting that countries that move to EMV would likely see a decrease in card fraud; as a result, card fraud would migrate to areas that still maintain mag stripe technology.