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Windows 8 – Picture Perfect?

Windows 8 launched to much fanfare last month, aiming to revolutionize both the traditional PC desktop experience and the business use of tablet devices. In the most drastic redesign of Windows since the 95 version, users are offered a more tightly-knit interactive experience than ever before. This includes some interesting technology that is not currently […]

Bring your own debate – what’s your view?

Our recent CIO research has suggested that remote access is a security sore-point for many businesses. We picked up on this trend and charted the overall security attitudes of USA, UK, French, German and Nordic workers in the whitepaper we released exposing what keeps a CIO awake at night. Last week, John E Dunn of […]

Security innovations at CES 2012

While CES is not historically synonymous with security technology, there were a few interesting innovations around mobile security that caught my eye at this year’s event. Intel continues to push its Identity Protection Technology (IPT) and Anti-Theft (AT) technology as part of the ultrabook introduction. I particularly like this as it allows for both more […]