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20 years of text and it’s still a big part…

This week we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first SMS, sent by phone engineer, Neil Papworth, reading simply (and cheerfully): “Merry Christmas.” Since that day in 1992, the humble text message has come to change the way we interact with the world and each other. There are over 200,000 exchanged every second, so as […]

The time is right for mobile payments in the US

My esteemed colleague Gordon Beatty took part in a panel discussion at SXSW this week, sitting alongside Ryan Hughes, chief marketing officer of Isis, and consultant Toni Merschen. The topic was mobile payments, looking in particular at how we can expect the advancing technology to transform mobile shopping. The ubiquity of smartphones means that mobile […]

Why should a small town be worried about its banking…

Did you hear about the unfortunate heist in Eliot, ME in the US, earlier this month? As reported by blogger-turned-detective @briankrebs, computer crooks in Eastern Europe stole $28,000 from the New England town of Eliot in Maine. Brian Krebs alerted the town controller to the possibility that its accounts were being emptied as money was […]