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5 reasons to up eBanking security – N°4 it’s not…

Adding an additional security device into online banking at the client’s own PC, commonly referred to as multi-factor authentication, significantly changes the game for cyber criminals. This might take the form of a bank-issued smart card and individual reader or a USB token that the bank customer uses when online.

Save a Whale… Save your Job!

When I refer to a whale, I am referring to your boss or, in some cases, you! A whale in information security lingo is a person with significant assets or access and whaling (as outlined by Bob Violino on CIO) is but one of many types of cyber attacks that are evolving. From phishing and pharming to spear phishing, the list goes on.

Education: The key to security compliance

SC Magazine recently took a look at Barclays’ latest effort to inspire security consciousness amongst its staff. As employee awareness initiatives go, this is an innovative and ambitious project. In essence though, Barclays’ new strategy has at its core what many other analysts and experts have told us in the past: that encouraging proactive behaviour among staff is the key to effective security in the enterprise.

Mobile payment in Poland goes Orange

Today we announced another NFC deployment. After successful launches in the UK and France, Poland is the next country to embrace the technology. It seems like a natural move as the country already has a solid contactless infrastructure with around 35,000 acceptance points in stores etc. Unlike other  nations where NFC projects have focused on […]

When will all airports have automatic passport control?

I’m from the UK but live in France and travel a lot for work. My recent trip back to the UK brought home the potential delights of an automatic immigration/border control experience. Living in the Schengen area, I enjoy the benefits of borderless Europe but last week I had to make a trip back home to the UK (which is not part of the agreement).