Mobile payment in Poland goes Orange

Last updated: 20 March 2014

Today we announced another NFC deployment. After successful launches in the UK and France, Poland is the next country to embrace the technology. It seems like a natural move as the country already has a solid contactless infrastructure with around 35,000 acceptance points in stores etc.

Unlike other  nations where NFC projects have focused on specific cities, the Polish rollout has been more extensive and  is being launched nationwide, even if Warsaw remains the center of this ‘contactless activity’.

Both MasterCard and Visa have invested heavily in contactless throughout Poland and their efforts in the capital and beyond have helped ensure the infrastructure is in place to enable the rollout of some of the latest projects.

Gemalto is providing PTK Centertel (an Orange Group subsidiary) the TSM Services for this project and helping Orange to deploy its contactless strategy in Europe in these 3 countries.

Have a look at the full announcement

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