Making travel more personal

Last updated: 19 March 2014

Stockholm train
Stockholm train

Contactless travel cards aren’t new – many countries already offer them, from Hong Kong’s Octopus card to London’s Oyster card. What is the first of its kind, however, is a customized travel card, which is what Stockholm Public Transport (“Storstockholms Lokaltrafik”) is now offering.

We have been working with them to enable a secure and comprehensive card issuance service for Stockholm’s commuters, and it is also the first transport operator in the world to offer travel cards personalized with your own photo.

There has already been a high adoption rate of this service, with almost 50% of commuters ordering the card online also uploading a personal photo or choosing one of the visuals available on the Stockholm Public Transport website. It’s all very straightforward thanks to our partner Serverside, part of the Gemalto Group, which has provided the interface allowing users to personalize their travel cards with images of their loved ones or favorite photos, all by ordering them online.

So, what image would you choose to swipe each day?

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