Could a DCV card help you find love?

Last updated: 25 January 2016

Can DCV help you find love?

To help combat the rise in CNP fraud, a byproduct of the meteoric rise of eCommerce, we recently launched our Dynamic Code Verification [DCV] system, a solution that ensures safe transactions through using a continuously evolving security code on the back of the card or smartphone. Every 20 minutes, the three-digit code changes. When making a purchase, a user simply needs to enter the current security code visible on their card or smartphone at that moment.

The solution is already proving to be very effective in combatting CNP fraud. However, we’ve come to learn the wonders of DCV do not stop there; a DCV card or mobile application can do much more than just ensure safe eCommerce transactions. The random number generation feature of their solutions the cards has potential usefulness as a means to solving problems, such as helping decide who buys the next round of drinks, and even helping choose a dating partner! For more details, see our top three alternative uses of DCV videos below.

DCV dating – helping you ‘take a chance’

Sometimes, when it comes to finding love, you just need to take a chance. Have you tried using your DCV card to help you decide on whom to take that chance with?

Lowest number buys the next round of drinks

Sometimes when you’re out with friends, there can be difficulty in deciding who should buy the next round of drinks. Fortunately, thanks to DCV, there is now an easy solution.


Code spotting – the next big craze?

We all love a game, whether it’s to pass the time on a commute to work, or to fuel your competitive passion. If you need a new game to introduce to your routine, make sure you consider code spotting using your DCV card or phone. Find out how below.


What do you think of our alternative uses of DCV? Have you got a favorite or a totally different use you’ve discovered? Let us know by tweeting to us @Gemalto, or leave a comment in the section below. And for more information on how DCV works and helps prevent CNP fraud, see our product page here:

2 thoughts on “Could a DCV card help you find love?

  1. I feel it does not really serve the product. Gives the feeling it is so useless that cardholders have to invent a weird way to use it, just like “I pay for it so let’s find a usage…”

    1. That’s a fair point. We like to think these applications are a bonus, rather than the core purpose of the technology, which – as we’ve said recently – will be a major weapon in the battle against CNP fraud.

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