World Smart Week 2013

Last updated: 11 April 2014

This week, September 24th-27th, is World Smart Week 2013. Three business conferences (NFC World Congress, World e-ID congress, and M2M Innovation World Congress) and one technical conference (the Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum) will run throughout the week and will be home (in Nice Côte d’Azur) to 1700 participants, 50 exhibitors and 250+ speakers. And, like last year, we are once again proud to support the week.

Why is World Smart Week (WSW) relevant?

Supporting this event is a priority for us, which begs the question: Why? Why is World Smart Week relevant and worth so much time and attention?

The answer is simple. We are moving towards an increasingly connected world; more and more people, and countries, are taking steps into the future as they become smarter and more efficient. It is now only a matter of time until we see the first genuine smart city of the future. So, with this in mind, an opportunity to gather the world’s smart tech-focused community is a golden one. WSW’s blend of conferences enables the highest level innovation and smart technology developments to be assessed from all angles from all the experts. Essentially, it’s an opportunity for the world’s ‘Smart’ experts to debate how to make our world even smarter.

What will our highlight be?

All four WSW conferences will deal with the key issues and developments in smart technology; you can rest assured that we’ll be viewing each one as a highlight. However, the NFC World Congress is the stand-out for us. As millions more consumers step into the world of NFC, the Congress will showcase, discuss and evaluate how NFC business will progress in light of increased demand. A range of issues such as: handset availability, secure business models and ecosystem building will be high up the agenda; but most of all, there will be a powerful focus at the Congress aiming to move the markets from acceptance to adoption of NFC services. This year, all the stakeholders will have an input into this and will be tasked with addressing this final push. Considering our dedication to NFC security and convenience, this is naturally the stand-out event for us. Millions of NFC consumers will need secure solutions; we’ll be there for them.

What are we exhibiting?

If you’re coming to WSW, you’ll be very welcome to drop by see us at stand #30. We’ll always be keen to show you our latest secure identity solutions for banking, identity and access, M2M, e-commerce and telecoms, as well as much more.

What do YOU think of WSW?

The main goals of the week aren’t just showcasing and raising awareness; feedback, new ideas and opinions from the global community are very welcome. What do you think of smart technology, WSW and the future of connectivity? Let us know @Gemalto.

And finally: What will you be doing for WSW?

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